Original neon art with skeleton skull


Made with 100% Real neon.
Definitely not LED!
It has a nostalgic look.



Neon Lighting consists of electrically powered glass tubes or bulbs filled with diluted neon gas or the like, which illuminate brightly.

Neon lamps are classified as cold cathode gas discharge type lamps. A neon tube is sealed at low pressure with metal electrodes at both ends and is filled with certain gases. The application of a high electric potential of around several thousand volts causes the gas inside to ionize. Afterwards, the gas scatters light of different colors through fluorescence.

The color of the emitted light is related to the type of gas inside. Neon lighting gets its name from the noble gas neon, which emits a vibrant orange light in the aforementioned way. But other gases and chemicals are also used to receive light in different colors. For example, hydrogen gives red, helium yellow, carbon dioxide white, and mercury blue. Neon tubes are produced by bending them to write text or create pictures.

If you want to buy a neon product, you should always buy it from a reputable manufacturer or source. Instead of buying from the ‘cheapest’ neon sign retailer, research the manufacturer’s reliability and competence.


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