Bioethanol fireplace, wood


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  • 34cm width 15cm length, 15cm height.
  • Original wooden housing
  • Heat resistant 4mm tempered glass
  • Stainless metal burner
  • Original stainless screws


A bioethanol fireplace is a device that uses bioethanol as fuel to create fire and heat, similar to conventional wood or gas fireplaces. It is also known as bioethanol fireplace or smokeless fireplace. The wattage and flame produced by bioethanol fireplaces can create a cozy and atmospheric atmosphere in the home.

Here are some features and benefits of bioethanol fireplaces:

  1. No need for a chimney and ventilation: These fireplaces do not require the installation of a chimney or ventilation system, since the combustion of bioethanol does not produce smoke or harmful gases. This makes them suitable for apartments and homes without the possibility of installing a traditional fireplace.
  2. Clean and environmentally friendly: Bioethanol fireplaces use bioethanol, which is an alternative and environmentally friendly fuel made from biological materials. When burned, bioethanol produces only water and a small amount of carbon dioxide, leaving no pollution in the home.
  3. Ease of installation and management: These fireplaces are generally easy to install and use. They often come with a bioethanol tank and a flame that can be adjusted in intensity. The management is done by lighting and extinguishing the flame, requiring no complicated procedures.
  4. Decorative Accent: Bioethanol fireplaces are often made in a variety of design styles and materials that can become a decorative accent in a room. They offer a variety of models and sizes that can match the interior of your home.
  5. Suitable for heating and decoration: Bioethanol fireplaces are mainly used for decoration and creating atmosphere, but some models can also provide a little extra heating.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the bioethanol fireplace in accordance with the recommendations to ensure the safety and efficiency of the device.


Max. Fill 1 cardboard glass of fuel (160ml)
Adding more fuel will cause the boiler to overflow and create a fire hazard.
Check the entire surface of the fuel tank and make sure that there is no leakage by filling the fuel tank outside without mounting on the product, then insert the tank into the product body.

Place the full fuel tank in its slot, replace the side windows.
Ignite the fuel tank with a long-tipped lighter or oven lighter.
Hold back as much as possible while lighting the fire.
Considerations While Burning Fire:
Make sure there is enough air in the room for the fire to burn.
Do not leave the product unattended while the fire is on. Keep children and pets away from fire. Never cover the bowl and the product while the fire is on. Never leave anything that is flammable near the fire while it is burning. Never add fuel while the fire is burning! Never blow into the fire or interfere with the fire with products that create artificial airflow such as fans. Never touch or touch glass or metal parts while the product is on fire. When not using the product, definitely leave the fuel tank empty.

Table Type Bioethanol Fireplace
Dimensions: 34cm x 15cm x 17cm (h) – Material: Natural wood + 4mmGlass
Weight: 2kg Color: Oak pinotex: Bio Ethanol fuel

Please read the following items before using your product. The items written here will enable you to use your product in a healthy and correct way.
External use of the explanations given in the user guide may cause danger and injury.

The product is made of metal/wood and glass parts and requires assembly. The product is for indoor and outdoor use and must be used with certified and approved bioethanol fuel.

Wood, metal and glass parts are suitable for the use of bioethanol gas.
Only bioethanol fuel should be used as fuel. Damaged and damaged products should never be used. Never replace broken parts with non-original parts. The products are for decorative purposes only and should not be used for cooking, heating or other purposes.

Wooden body – 2 pieces of Glass Wall – Fuel tank
fire extinguisher tongs

Slowly fill the fuel tank with your bioethanol fuel up to 1 cm below the top of your fuel tank. (1 carton cup / 160ml) Make sure that fuel does not spill out of the chamber.
Wipe up any spilled fuel with a clean, dry cloth and make sure all spilled excess fuel is completely removed. Never add fuel while the product is on, wait for the product to go out, wait for 20 minutes for the chamber to cool, then add fuel. Never use cigarettes or similar tobacco products while filling the product with gas.


Extinguish the fire with the extinguisher stick inside the product, do not use any other product. Wait for the fire to cool down after it goes out, it will cool down after about 20 minutes. Do not try to extinguish the fire by blowing. Wait for all the fuel to run out for the fire to go out.

We recommend cleaning with a dry cloth. Only certified bioethanol gas should be used as fuel. No fuel other than bioethanol gas should be used. Always store your fuel in its original packaging. Store your fuel in cool places away from fire and fire hazards.
Keep fuel out of the reach of children. Fuel should never come into contact with the eyes, in such a case consult your doctor. If fuel gets on your skin, clean the fuel-contaminated spot with plenty of soap and water. Make sure the fuel cap is completely closed. Do not add any other liquid, solid or similar material to the fuel.

Never pour fuel on a burning fire, wait for the fuel tank to cool for 20 minutes before refilling. Do not leave the burning fireplace unattended. Bioethanol fuel is for fuel purposes only, not drinkable. The point to be used should be away from children, pets and other hazards. The floor on which the product will be placed must be flat and fireproof. In the area where the product will be used, there should be no elements that will create air flow such as wind, fan or air conditioner. Furniture should be placed at least 1 meter horizontally and vertically from wooden floors, curtains, fabrics and similar combustible elements. When using the product, make sure that no parts come into direct contact with fire, except the combustion chamber, if this occurs, extinguish the fire immediately. Be careful not to get the product wet while it is burning. Extinguish the fire with the extinguishing apparatus in the set, do not use any other material. Never put liquid or solid fuel, flammable and flammable alcohol and similar liquids near the product while it is burning. Never move the fireplace while it is on. Do not blow to extinguish the product, this will only make the flame grow. In order to extinguish, contact with air must be cut off. Fill the fuel tank with the help of a pump or a funnel, leaving a finger gap at the level of the cover. Tightly close the lid of the remaining fuel can. Light it with the help of a long lighter, making sure that no fuel has spilled out of the chamber. When it is desired to extinguish, close the cover with the extinguishing rod. In case of spillage of fuel while filling the fireplace chamber, clean the spilled surface so that there is no fuel left and then start using the product. Keep children and pets away from the product. the fireplace; Do not use in a caravan, on a boat or in a vehicle. People with respiratory problems should consult a doctor before use. Do not use the fireplace in the presence of flammable gas. the fireplace; Do not use for cooking, heating water and grilling. It is recommended to consume the entire fuel filled in. Do not store bioethanol fuel near a burning fireplace. It is recommended to always have a fire extinguisher near the fireplace. In case of burn injuries, call the doctor or go to the hospital. Do not treat the burned skin yourself.


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