Lightbox frame 50x70cm


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SEG lightbox (Silicone Edge Graphics) with LED light.

  • Printing included
  • 45mm Aluminium frame
  • LED illuminated


Lightbox frame is a printed and illuminated fabric lightbox with an aluminum frame on the silicone edges. The fabric, which is attached to this aluminum frame with the help of a silicone strip sewn to the edges of the lightbox frame (Also called SEG lightbox), is illuminated from the inside by LED.
As a result, the desired image becomes remarkable in a way that will serve the expected purpose and the desired message is given to the target audience.
It is generally used as a stand on the wall or floor in the promotion of ready-made clothing stores, fast food and technology products.

Lightbox frame is the most practical and economical advertising product to use.

Lightbox frame
Lightbox frame

Frequently asked questions for the lightbox frame

  • Do the product prices include the fabric and print in the product?

Yes, with the product order, printed fabric, lighting, LED driver etc. All are shipped and the lightbox sign comes ready to work.

  • Do you offer discounts for high volume orders?

We provide our customers with a discount on the savings we have made from production and cargo in high volume orders.

  • Can I make the electrical connection myself?

Yes, the products are shipped ready to be plugged in (USA & EU standards) with a plug-in cable. For this reason, all you need to do is to mount the product on the wall and run it by plugging the cable into the socket.

  • Can I change the image on the product later?

Yes, you can easily change the image on the product yourself without any help from anyone. You can take a look at the photos and videos at the bottom of this page. In addition, you can buy reprints and only prints with the print service available among our products.

  • Can expired lifetime LED modules and LED driver be renewed?

The LED modules and the LED driver in the aluminum frame are designed to be easily replaced. Widely used models are preferred for driver and LED module spare parts. In addition, you can always obtain spare parts that have expired lifetime from our store.

Fabric lightbox
Fabric lightbox

How to order lightbox frame?

It can be ordered quickly by choosing the size and frame color in the product options. However, there are only a certain number of the most preferred sizes among the product options. For this reason, if you want to order a fabric lightbox in a different size other than the dimensions, please let us know with the form on our contact page and we will prepare a special offer for you.

1-Lightbox frame size selection

The ready-made sizes in the option section can be used vertically or horizontally (Landscape or portrait) as desired and it is entirely up to you. The image you send to us for printing must be sized according to this orientation. If sizing is not done in the image you sent, a horizontal or vertical positioning note should be left in the order note section.

2- Lightbox frame color

As can be seen in the option selections, there is a choice of black or anodized frame. You can choose the color that is suitable for your store decoration here.

3- Sending an image for lightbox frame

The image submission stage is required after placing your order. If the image size is small, you can send it to our email address In addition, to send larger files, you can upload the image to and send us the download link as an e-mail.

lightbox frame
Lightbox frame detail

Technicial Specifications

Frame: Aluminum
Frame color: Black / Anodized
LED: Backlight
Thickness: 45mm
Size: Custom
Printing: One-way
Print material: Light permeable fabric
Printing technology: UV
Power supply: Internal
Input voltage: 100-240V AC
Warranty: 3 years

SEG lightbox
SEG lightbox

Usage areas of SEG lightbox

SEG lightbox (silicone edge lightbox) is generally used on showcases, walls and stands to promote new season clothes in the ready-made clothing industry.

Today, it has started to be used in all areas from technology to the fast food sector.

A beautiful and HD image is printed on the lightbox frame with quality ink and special light-permeable fabric.

Thanks to the rovings on the edges of the fabric, its assembly on the frame is much easier. The aluminum used in our product is produced in high quality.




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