Artificial window


  • Artificial window
  • 85x130cm dual module
  • Total size: 130x170cm
  • Lighting: LED
  • Electricity consumption: 130W
  • Dimmer & remote control: optional
  • Made in Bulgaria
  • Available for only Bulgaria
  • Free delivery in Plovdiv


Dual module artificial window

The double module artificial window is a double window model obtained by mounting two separate modules of 85x130cm dimensions side by side. By assembling two 85x130cm modules side by side; You can create a window with a height of 130 cm and a width of 170 cm, which is quite sufficient. In addition, it is entirely up to you to create a different design by leaving a space of approximately 30cm between the two modules.

What is an “artificial window”?

Artificial window is the use of LED illuminated and printed panels produced in the form of windows on the wall. When used in areas with no or insufficient windows, it creates a window visual on the wall. Due to the fact that it is LED illuminated, this visual provides a very close to the real effect.

Where is artificial window used?

Home, Office, Hospital, School, Clinic etc. It is used in all closed areas. It is a perfect solution especially for houses and workplaces with insufficient windows and located in the basement.

How to install artificial windows?

With the installation guides that come with our products, you can install the product without any difficulty. You do not need a technician for this. Making it yourself is almost as easy as hanging a painting on the wall.

How can I choose a landscape for an artificial window?

You can make the artificial window image selection from the image gallery located at In addition, if you send us a custom image by e-mail, you can request it at no extra cost. The quality of the image you send should be sufficient.


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